The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink (April 19)

Welcome to another edition of The Kitchen Sink (as in "everything but..."), where I share links to sites and articles around the blogosphere that have caught my eye and piqued my interest with you, the reader, in mind.  The topics of today's articles range from faith to gardening to grammar: Your Quiet Time Should Change… Continue reading The Kitchen Sink (April 19)

Gardening, Other Obsessions

More Hydrangea Happiness!

I'm definitely not a Master Gardener, but may soon qualify as a Novice!  I've really only seen progress in the last few years as I've had time to spend online reading, reading, reading.  But I'm excited to report on my hydrangea experiment.  In an earlier post, I shared how every spring I was confronted with… Continue reading More Hydrangea Happiness!

Bible Study

Digital Discernment and Social Media Scripture

I'm back on Facebook after taking a few years off.  Realize, of course, that I was never really "off-off," since my husband was still on and if I ever really needed to see something I was able to persuade him to let me look at his news feed.  This annoyed him, so, after a while,… Continue reading Digital Discernment and Social Media Scripture

Bible Study

Reading The Bible Imaginatively – Part Two – Wedding Woes

We planned our wedding for the first week of June, not because I wanted to be a "June bride," but because we felt assured that the weather would be beautiful. The best laid schemes of mice and men... In a previous post, I shared how I've been slowly working my way through Living By The… Continue reading Reading The Bible Imaginatively – Part Two – Wedding Woes

Gardening, Other Obsessions

Organizing Your Gardening Tasks

Obsession versus organization. One major plus of being a retired SAHM,  (stay-at-home-mom, for the uninitiated), is being able to tackle many of those organization projects that were impossible to do with your kids running around.  But many might say that I've moved from being organized to being obsessed.  Doesn't everyone hang their clothes according to… Continue reading Organizing Your Gardening Tasks

Crafting, Other Crafts and DIY

Quick and Easy Easter Wreath

It's time for a nice, relaxing, crafty post! One goal I have in life is to convert my daughters and sisters into crafters.  I haven't been too successful yet, but this project was so easy that I believe I might have made some progress.  *wink-wink* My sister wanted to make a wreath for Easter, and… Continue reading Quick and Easy Easter Wreath

The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink (March 15)

Milk and Honey exists to serve you, the reader.  That's why I'm debuting this new regular feature I'm calling The Kitchen Sink,  as in,  "everything but..." I've been reminded by many people of how much time I have, since, at the moment,  I'm not working (ahem...outside the home), so I'd like to put all that… Continue reading The Kitchen Sink (March 15)

Bible Study, What I'm Reading

The Pragmatist in the Lion’s Den

I'm slowly working my way through Living By The Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible by Howard Hendricks and his son, William.  The book, originally published in 1991, had a second revised edition released in 2007.  The purpose of the book is to help people learn good Bible study methods; learning to… Continue reading The Pragmatist in the Lion’s Den

Crafting, Crochet, Paper Crafts

A Crafty Cricut Backyard Wedding

Flashback to Mother's Day, 2016. "Happy Mother's Day Mom!  Oh, and by the way, can we get married in your three months?" It didn't happen quite that way, but considering how much had to be done in such a short time, that's about all I remember! Beginning at the end, Anna and Casey's wedding… Continue reading A Crafty Cricut Backyard Wedding

Bible Study

How Desperate Am I?

In an earlier post, I said that my recent Bible Study Fellowship study of the book of Revelation had greatly affected the quality of my worship, especially during the music portion of the Sunday worship service.  Many of the hymns and worship songs we sing draw their lyrics from Revelation.  This makes sense, since John's… Continue reading How Desperate Am I?