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What’s On My Hook Wednesday

I crocheted a bit when I was in my teens, but my love for crochet really took off several years ago.  My daughter had started crocheting, and I thought it would help us bond if we were able to share a hobby.  (Just to prove how serious I am about this:  another daughter has actually been teaching me HOW TO PLAY POKEMON!  It’s pretty fun…)

I bought crochet thread and a teeny-tiny hook and told my daughter I wanted to crochet those beautiful, intricate, lacy snowflakes.  I failed miserably and she pointed out that I might want to learn by making something a bit less complicated.

I made a LOT of dish cloths…

Well, I’ve moved on from dish cloths and am having a great time.  (And I have made those snowflakes!)  My daughter has made a lot of doilies, and I love the lacy look.  She has inspired me to crochet more with thread.  I recently finished a lacy window valance that I absolutely love.  (I’ll share it in another post…)

I never shy away from big projects…I’m crocheting a lacy bedspread.  This is a multi-month project.  It’s going along beautifully and I’m a bit obsessed with it.  Laundry? Dishes?

I really hate crocheting motifs and joining them together.  It’s too tedious.  I looked for a bedspread or coverlet pattern that was created row by row, but couldn’t find one.

I started looking through the afghan patterns on my Pinterest board and came across this one at Mama’s Stitchery Projects.  Though the pattern uses simple stitches (chains, single, and double crochet) it’s not for the faint of heart.  There are 13 rows of the pattern written out, but it’s actually a 43 row pattern!  The designer admitted that she gave up writing out the pattern after those 13 rows and created a chart instead, which can be downloaded from the site.

Her instructions use worsted-weight yarn and a size H (5 mm) hook, but I’m using size 10 thread and a size 7 (1.50 mm) hook.  I measured my bed and decided to make the spread 80 inches wide.  I made the starting chain long enough to repeat the pattern nine times.  Unfortunately, I tossed my calculations, but the starting chain needs to have a multiple of 48 plus 41 stitches.  I am planning on adding a border as well.

I think it’s beautiful!


Here’s a close-up photo.


I have finished 63 rows and it’s about 18 inches long. So, if the bedspread will be 110 inches long, I only have about 367 rows to go!

Happy stitching!






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