The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink (April 19)

Welcome to another edition of The Kitchen Sink (as in “everything but…”), where I share links to sites and articles around the blogosphere that have caught my eye and piqued my interest with you, the reader, in mind.  The topics of today’s articles range from faith to gardening to grammar:

Your Quiet Time Should Change You

This title is actually a bit misleading.  In a previous post, I mentioned that a little book written by Jen Wilkin, “Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds” had spurred on my pursuit of Bible study.  This audio file of the author speaking at the 2015 Gospel Coalition National Conference is a good summary of the book and includes her entertainingly accurate description of several common unhelpful approaches to “spending time in the Word.”  It’s a great call for better Bible literacy.

Brain Scientists: ‘Learning Styles’ Like Auditory, Visual, And Kinesthetic Are Bunk

Theory: [theeuh-ree, theer-ee] A proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.  We tend to forget that much of what is reported as established fact is often actually theory.  Take “food science,” for example.  Is fat good or bad?  Are eggs off of the naughty list?  It’s exhausting trying to keep up.  This article states that cognitive research has debunked the idea of learning styles and labeled it an “education myth.”  It also links to a question and answer page by University of Virginia cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham, who has publicly combatted the idea for a long time.  Interesting.

Why Crocuses Are Better Than Snowdrops

Weren’t you just dying to know why crocuses are better than snowdrops?  No?  I only follow a couple of gardening bloggers, but I like this guy because he lives in my old neighborhood on the north side of Chicago.  He’s also real—this year he killed a lot of tulip bulbs because he failed to put enough drainage holes in the bottom of the pots.  That’s my kind of gardener!  He seems to have an entire botanical garden growing in his city-lot-sized yard.  Lots of photos and just a little text.

A Word of Encouragement to Weary Pastors: God Does Not View Your Labors as “Filthy Rags”

Though this article is addressed to pastors, I found it very encouraging and think that others Christians should as well.  The author points out that believers often think that God is best glorified when we disparage what we do for Him.  In fact, the author says, God delights in them.  This hope provides us with a great motive for ministry.  The often-neglected doctrine of rewards is a related area of study that would also reap great benefits.

Sonic Light – Bible Study Resources for Christians

This recommendation is not for a single article, but for an entire website.  Dr. Thomas Constable was a Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary and began publishing his expository Bible study notes for his students on Sonic Light in 1999.  Now covering all 66 books of the Bible, his notes are all available at no cost on the website.  I have found them to be an invaluable resource, and to support the ministry of the website, have purchased the Bible notes on CD.  The site also includes a number of audio-based Bible study samples from selected mp3 study CD series.  Some of the audio series include all the lessons, others have some of the lessons online, with the remainder available on CD for a cost.

How Did Jewish Yeshua Become Gentile Jesus?

Jewish Voice Ministries International’s stated mission is to “proclaim the Gospel, engage the Church concerning Israel and the Jewish people, and grow the Messianic Jewish community.”  This page discusses the early tension between Jewish believers and Gentile converts and shows how throughout history, the division continued to deepen to the point where, in the Gentile-dominated believing community, unbelieving Jews were treated as enemies and anti-Jewish teaching began to emerge.

A Few Words About That Ten-Million-Dollar Serial Comma

Are you a grammar snob?  Do you get a morbid thrill from those Facebook posts that picture the appalling misuses of the English language?  This article is for you.  What, you may ask, is a serial comma?  Consider that for breakfast, I may have oatmeal, eggs, toast and jam, and juice.  The question is, do you put a comma before the words “and juice”?  A group of Maine dairy truck drivers won a ten million dollar judgement because of a missing serial comma.  Be forewarned!

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Happy Spring!