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Hydrangea Happiness: Unlocking The Mysteries

Like millions of others I'm in love with hydrangeas.  It's March 1st, the snow is falling, and I'm dreaming of them. I've never had any of those giant, fluffy, snowball types that are so popular here in the Midwest, the Annabelle hydrangeas.  I stare at them longingly.  Mine are small and sickly looking. This year,… Continue reading Hydrangea Happiness: Unlocking The Mysteries

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Look At Me!

My grandsons have been giving me lessons in human nature. The twins are crazy about puzzles, but their alphabet puzzle is their absolute favorite.  They put the wooden letters in it over and over.  Each time they finish it, they carry it over and show it to their mom.  It's "Mom! Mom!" until she acknowledges… Continue reading Look At Me!

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What’s On My Hook Wednesday

I crocheted a bit when I was in my teens, but my love for crochet really took off several years ago.  My daughter had started crocheting, and I thought it would help us bond if we were able to share a hobby.  (Just to prove how serious I am about this:  another daughter has actually… Continue reading What’s On My Hook Wednesday

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Why Milk and Honey?

On my Pinterest page, my tagline reads, "Jack of all trades and having a great time doing it!"  Ever since moving into empty-nester-hood, I've rediscovered a lot of interests for which I never had time, or rather, never made time. Over the last several years, I've quilted (a little), crocheted (a lot!), sewed (a little),… Continue reading Why Milk and Honey?

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How to REALLY Get Started

I was a senior in college and books about Bible prophecy were all the rage.  I was confused about the church I attended.  I didn't believe that what they were teaching was the truth.  So, I started looking for it.  I tried a different church and that was a disaster.  I started reading, but rather… Continue reading How to REALLY Get Started

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Taking Care of Those Pesky UFO’s

We all have those pesky UFO's (DIY-ese for Unfinished Objects.)  I'm hoping that one of the unintended consequences of writing this blog will be that my long list of UFO's will start to shrink. It's a little embarrassing.  But it's one of the drawbacks of being a Jack Of All Trades - there are so… Continue reading Taking Care of Those Pesky UFO’s

Peeking Ahead - The Book of Revelation -
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Peeking Ahead – The Book of Revelation

For the past three months, I've been working my way through the twelve books in the Poldark series by Winston Graham.  Covering a period of time that stretched from the end of the American Revolution through Napoleon Bonaparte's final defeat at Waterloo, the saga tells the stories of Ross Poldark, his family, friends, and enemies. … Continue reading Peeking Ahead – The Book of Revelation