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Quick and Easy Easter Wreath

It's time for a nice, relaxing, crafty post! One goal I have in life is to convert my daughters and sisters into crafters.  I haven't been too successful yet, but this project was so easy that I believe I might have made some progress.  *wink-wink* My sister wanted to make a wreath for Easter, and… Continue reading Quick and Easy Easter Wreath

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A Crafty Cricut Backyard Wedding

Flashback to Mother's Day, 2016. "Happy Mother's Day Mom!  Oh, and by the way, can we get married in your three months?" It didn't happen quite that way, but considering how much had to be done in such a short time, that's about all I remember! Beginning at the end, Anna and Casey's wedding… Continue reading A Crafty Cricut Backyard Wedding

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What’s On My Hook Wednesday

I crocheted a bit when I was in my teens, but my love for crochet really took off several years ago.  My daughter had started crocheting, and I thought it would help us bond if we were able to share a hobby.  (Just to prove how serious I am about this:  another daughter has actually… Continue reading What’s On My Hook Wednesday

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Taking Care of Those Pesky UFO’s

We all have those pesky UFO's (DIY-ese for Unfinished Objects.)  I'm hoping that one of the unintended consequences of writing this blog will be that my long list of UFO's will start to shrink. It's a little embarrassing.  But it's one of the drawbacks of being a Jack Of All Trades - there are so… Continue reading Taking Care of Those Pesky UFO’s